Your Relationship "Argue Spot"? Feng Shui it.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Relationship Argue Spots? Kitchen. Bedroom. Bathroom sink. Hall to garage. Car. Awareness solution:

~Look around while in your "Argue Spots". Preferably before the next argument.

~Look "in" your partners "Argue Spots". Go stand/sit/lie there like they do.

Notice anything causing upset?

~When I'm there, doing a consultation, I look at what could calm and open the real conversation, what to remove or move. What to add. To move the energy into a supportive theme. Sure, some arguments go deeper than a physical Argue Spot.

And, some physical areas bring up the issue within a person.

Your understanding creates positive energy, with Feng Shui. ~What will help?

Art theme?


Room purpose change?

View enhancement or blocking?

Comfort level?


Clearing old-tired energy? Untangle your "Argue Spot" knots with some

observation and experimenting. I'm here to help with Feng Shui consultations on-line and in person. since 1994.

Move the energy to improve the energy.

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In 1994 Shelley Deegan began her love of color, design, positive energy and feng shui consulting for homes, offices, corporations, retail and one to one coaching for understanding you and your important relationships.

Shelley consults at local San Diego, CA homes and businesses, and online consultations are popular. Book yours when you're ready.

Instagram: @fengshuiinteriors

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