Using Stress. Pausing Stress.


1. How could you PAUSE your stress. USE your stress today (I ask myself this often)?

Will it make a better day when you say to someone not directly involved:

A: I've got a lot on my mind today, so excuse me if I'm not outgoing today.


B: Hi co-worker/neighbor/yoga instructor, "What a effing morning"...sigh...eye roll, "I am so mad at him, her, them, me, life, the sun, the sky, the moon, the meaning of life, the past, the future, the present".

THE COMMON Stress ARGUMENT: "It's not good to keep it inside, and you need to share it", you say to your

best friend, pilates instructor or me.

I say "Yes, most people need to share it in ways that support your

Feng Shui Path.

You are going somewhere in your life today.

You will notice how your next words, actions carve out a bit more

sureness in who you want to be and the results you desire.

It takes a little practice to create a few less stressed moments in today.

ASK YOURSELF THIS FENG SHUI Question: Is it possible to be less




frustrations right now?


Observe someone (or yourself) either go into the next Mind Tunnel, come out of the Mind Tunnel or pause and the Mind Tunnel and see which direction they / or you are headed. ~~Join me on Instagram and let me know how your doing with your Feng Shui.

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