Pet Love and Pet Feng Shui ideas. Dogs & cat lovers.

"9 cats", she said they had when she called me to Feng Shui their beach house.

2 pedigree dogs were Feng Shui-ed next, "just to make sure their Feng Shui was good, since one of them wasn't as outgoing as the other", his human mom said.

I loved meeting them and seeing their reaction to their surroundings.

We made a few changes in food and water bowl placement and discussed the feng shui of the home and the effect on the dogs.

Owners who love their cats and dogs

are emotional about their pets. Feng Shui brings out the best in a home and the pets and people.

I like cats and am emotional when a vet visit happens. Sigh....I worry.

Feng Shui Pet tips:

1. No tap water unless your vet ok'd it.

2. Pet body odors are a problem and pet food quality matters. Holistic food is worth trying. Ask at your locally owned pet store or health food store.

3. Sunlight and exercise are important. I adopted 2 cats who never saw sun light. The drapes were always closed. That's not good for people either.

4. Talk to your pets. I've met owners who don't look right at their pets.

5. Consider pet health insurance. Pay a monthly fee, get free pet check up's and lower cost vet bills. That can help in yearly care check ups and emergencies.

6. Make sure pets are comfortable and safe. Keep pets out of a walk way or cold draft when feeding and sleeping.

Aging animals need more comfort and Feng Shui surroundings awareness.

7. Have a pet walker/pet home care service and/or quality kennel ready in case you need it.

Animals fill a certain place in our heart and life. Make provisions for their care financially if something should happen to you.

Thanks to all the pet owners sending me videos and photos to Feng Shui their home and a few businesses where the "dog is the reason customers come to the business"


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