Divorce Feng Shui. How to "Move On".

When your (or your friends) EMOTIONS

aren't in the same time zone as your reminders about how important dating again is...consider, these:

Feng Shui Harmony Ideas:

1. Breathe and notice it.

2. Feel your tension. Let it go like a dripping faucet.

3. Breathe and notice it go in and out.

4. Go outside. Patio, balcony, sunroom, mountain top, Go.

5. Breathe and notice it.

6. Go back inside and move something tiny or large to a new area.

A vase or book, your bed, dresser, sock collection, to a new part of your place.

7. Do the same tomorrow.

How did this help clients Divorce issues heal?

~Elaine said: It helped her anger.

~Margaret said: she threw he out and that helped. He keeps trying to come back.

~Your story?

Of course there is much more to divorce, separation than this, but many women talk with me about HOW to Move On, Go Forward, Date again.

Each woman has her own journey.

Clearing the past is part of life.

Clearing pain is part of your journey to feel light and pretty and human again.

~Breathe....and feel it.

Color, Design, Harmony, Relationship Feng Shui since 1994.

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Shelley Deegan, Feng Shui consultant, teacher, writer, speaker, problem solver.

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