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About Shelley:

~Shelley Deegan has studied Feng Shui with 
Professor Lin Yun-Feng Shui Master and
his student James Moser starting in the 1992.

~James Moser, her teacher asked her to teach his Feng Shui students at his school of Feng Shui (Feng Shui Warehouse in Point Loma-San Diego, California)
while he ran his famous on line store Feng Shui Warehouse. 

~Shelley has a natural ability to put your mind in the right place to create positive results, her clients say. She pays attention on levels others miss and understands when to ask and what to ask in delicate matters with people to obtain the best results with discretion, confidentiality and tact. 

~Shelley brings "MODERN" Feng Shui techniques to an ancient art of creating flow and balance that is needed in our every day perspective, actions and results. 

~~Shelley works to help homeowners/business owners with

~Color selection

~Review building blueprints for new homes/businesses

~Design your home to fit your functional-practical needs.

~Create more Flow of positive energy

~End stuck/stagnant chi-energy

~Furnishing selection and placement

~Window covering selection

~Feng Shui cures (art, crystals, color, items, water features, placement techniques)
Relationship feng shui for harmony and understanding.

Contact her San Diego, CA office: 

Speaker, writer, teacher, consultant, problem solver, insight into solutions, relationship insight consultant with Feng Shui.

Former Feng Shui Teacher at Southwestern College.

Shelley does on-line Feng Shui consultations and in San Diego, CA In-person consultations.

Office: 619-504-7102

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